Monday, August 16, 2010

ERAM? Anyone?

It sure is quiet out there.

ERAM on Wikipedia

”Step 1: 2006 Replace the current En Route computer backup system with Enhanced Backup Surveillance.

Step 2: 2007 Provide controllers real-time electronic access to weather data, aeronautical data, air traffic control procedures documents, Notices to Airmen, pilot reports, and other information with the En Route Information Display System.

Step 3: 2009 Replace the current En Route Host computer air traffic control with a fully redundant, state of the art system that enables new capabilities and requires no stand-alone backup system.”

We’re rapidly approaching 2011.

GAO, DOT IG Concerned about FAA's NextGen
August 10, 2010

”The GAO noted that after limited simulation tests at the FAA Technical Center, the FAA formally accepted Eram from the contractor since the "equipment has performed to specification at all 20 sites." Unfortunately, ARTCC tests with real traffic were abandoned after more than 15,000 software issues arose, of which 1,400 are still unresolved, including 200 "critical" issues. Equally unfortunate, government acceptance means that the FAA will have to pay to fix every one of them, at a cost of $12 million per month, according to the DOT Inspector General.”

(Emphasis added)

GAO: FAA needs to think more human

”The Federal Aviation Administration did not fully think through "human factor" considerations when developing the En Route Automation Modernization system, for example, the GAO report finds. ”

Big duh. That would be because they were too busy trying to figure out how to replace the humans. Again.

”ERAM has experienced software-related problems and delays in its roll out; the FAA has said it is unlikely that all 20 ERAM systems will be fielded and operational by the original December 2010 deadline.”

Go back and read the Wikipedia entry again. See if you see any mention of 2010.

”Air traffic controllers involved in initial operations capabilities tests in the Salt Lake City center have said they found the system "cumbersome, confusing and difficult to navigate," the GAO report states.”

Like they say on the news, I guess we’ll just have to “leave it there”.

Don Brown
August 16, 2010


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Gini said...

Great article Don. I have heard a lot of complaints about ERAM from all over the country!