You Must Have Missed This

Otherwise there would be a comment. I know because I always receive comments that I should have the comments turned on.

NAS Confucius

”That is essentially what this blog is about. The National Airspace System is so extremely complex, no one can fathom how it all interacts with itself. Even a controller who was very familiar with their own airspace and moving airplanes through it could never carry that same expert perspective about another facilities airspace, or how the automation works at a computer code level, or how to forecast the weather for tomorrow's North Atlantic tracks. “

Here’s a perfectly good blog, and yet, it has no comments for 10 days. Not even a, “Gee, Delta Mike, I see the other controllers aren’t writing, thanks for being there” comment.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s getting a little lonely out here. A little support goes a long way for a young man trying to do the good, moral, responsible thing. Especially when he does it well.

Don Brown
April 14, 2010



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