Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Power of Blogs -- ERAM

It upsets me when people take their blogs down. I understand when people get tired, take a break or give up. That’s okay. But leave the blogs up. Case in point.

With the news of ERAM making the papers today, Paul Cox, over at The FAA Follies pointed me to a post that was a year old.

The ERAM Propaganda Machine

”ANYWAY. The other day, an article published by Aviation Week and Space Technology, which is probably THE leading news source for aerospace-industry-related information, talked about how great ERAM is coming along and it’s on time and was “almost ready for debut”.“...

...”Anyway, a few quotes from the article (which was datelined March 15) jumped out at me, because they were… well, they were utter bullshit (sorry, Mom): “

(I’m sorry too, Mom, but he has a point.)

It reminds me of a line I read in the book The Failure of Software:

”The most important piece of hardware on the Advanced Automation System is the overhead projector.“

Just keep the funding flowing.

(Do NOT write me and ask what an overhead projector is, boys and girls. You know good and well it was the PowerPoint display of its day. Right?)

Don Brown
April 22, 2010


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