Saturday, April 17, 2010

When the Volcano Blows

You have to wonder what the “revenue stream” for all the privatized/corporatized systems ATC systems in Europe look like when Mother Nature grounds all their airplanes.

Volcanic ash cloud grounds flights across Europe

Would anybody like to make a bet that the respective governments won’t come to the rescue with bailouts?

Y’all don’t mind if I combine this post up with another do you ? Sort of a 2-for-1? I already had it written and they fit together...

Contract Tower Support

There must be an aviation Bill before Congress.

Aviation Groups Urge Continued Support Of FAA Contract Tower Program

”In a letter sent to congressional leaders on the Senate and House appropriations committees, the associations asked lawmakers to support funding of $125.3 million for the FAA Contract Tower Program and $10 million for the continuation of the Contract Tower Cost-Sharing Program as part of the fiscal year 2011 Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration spending bill.“

Unable. The truth is a tough master. And the truth is, these programs are double managed (FAA and contractor)...

”All federal contract air traffic controllers are FAA-certified and meet the identical training and operating standards as FAA-employed controllers.“

...and the only way they can pay to be twice managed and earn a profit is to save somewhere else. Guess where the “savings” are?

I really can’t figure out why we have this movement to deny that government has a rightful place in the greater scheme of things. Well, except for the fact that private guys can get rich off of the taxpayers and government employees can’t (and shouldn’t).

Don Brown
April 17, 2010


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