Monday, February 15, 2010

Georgia Politics -- 2/10

Hey Georgia, do you recognize anybody ?

Congressman Gingrey and Kingston passed out the pork even though they voted against it. You might remember Congressman Gingrey from his other foray into the national spotlight, where he defended the Republican leadership and then had to apologize to Rush Limbaugh for doing so.

(While you’re watching that clip, don’t fail to notice the Republicans that cosponsored the Gregg-Conrad proposal and then voted against it. If you think you’ve seen Senators Brownback, Ensign and Inhofe grouped together before that is because you have.)

But back to the Georgians. Rachel Maddow nailed a bunch of Republicans in this clip. You’ll see Congressman Jack Kingston (again) and Congressman Phil Gingrey (again) along with Congressman John Linder too. I’d encourage you to watch the whole thing (there’s a good message at the end for Democrats) but it does get tiring listening to the long, long list of Republicans voting against the stimulus package but accepting the money -- and the praise that goes along with passing out the checks. Ms. Maddow also graciously pointed out that Think Progress was documenting all this hypocrisy. Including this bit:

”Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) Asked Defense Secretary To Steer $50 Million In Stimulus Money To Georgian Bioenergy Project. Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “… Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates to steer $50 million in stimulus money to a constituent’s bioenergy project. Gates didn’t do it, the AP reported.” [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/18/09] “

This could be just a fun exercise in “I Told You So” all by itself but there is something a lot more important at work. The Federal stimulus was good policy. And as Georgia’s unemployment rate stays above 10% (if not the entire nation’s) it will become apparent that the first stimulus wasn’t big enough. If these same Republicans can’t find a way to compromise with the Obama Administration and provide more economic stimulus we are in for a long, hard slog.

Make no mistake about it, if these gentlemen want to find a way to compromise they can. Trust me, if you’re creative enough to get credit for voting against a stimulus and to take credit for handing out the checks for what you voted against you’re creative enough to find a compromise. The only question is will they.

Don Brown
February 15, 2010

(H/T to Frank Rich for stirring me up)

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