Friday, February 05, 2010


Some of the old timers out there might remember Compuserve and “Special Interest Groups”. For the younger folks, this was the early days of the internet -- the dark ages as far as some of you are concerned. AVSIG was the first “interest group” on Compuserve -- an AViation Special Interest Group.

AVSIG is still around, which makes it the oldest online aviation forum. On AVSIG, I’m considered one of the younger guys. And that little piece of information should help drive home my main point. AVSIG has more experience -- more depth of knowledge -- about aviation than any place I know of.

The folks at AVSIG have just started a blog. It’s a good chance for you to take a look at what AVSIG is all about. You might even want to join. Take a look around. See if you see anything you like.

Don Brown
February 5, 2010


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