Monday, February 08, 2010

Blatant Bankers

Here’s a very interesting news story from The New York Times. It doesn’t really need any commentary from me. It simply shows how blatant the influence of money on Washington really is.

Irked, Wall St. Hedges Its Bet on Democrats

”But this year Chase’s political action committee is sending the Democrats a pointed message. While it has contributed to some individual Democrats and state organizations, it has rebuffed solicitations from the national Democratic House and Senate campaign committees. Instead, it gave $30,000 to their Republican counterparts.

The shift reflects the hard political edge to the industry’s campaign to thwart Mr. Obama’s proposals for tighter financial regulations.“

As you’re reading this, remember, it was The Masters of the Universe that brought us The Great Recession.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. You either want these guys “irked” with Democrats or unregulated with Republicans. It’s your choice -- assuming you vote.

Don Brown
February 8, 2010

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