Thursday, February 05, 2009

Look What I Found

More history ! (The crowd roars !)

Update to FAA Historical Chronology

Here’s the link to the .pdf file.

From the update...

”February 5, 2003: FAA awarded contracts to ITT Industries, Inc., and Harris Corporation valued at $16 and $21 million, respectively, over a 20-month period for the initial phase of Next Generation Air/Ground Communications (NEXCOM). By integrating data link with digital voice, NEXCOM would make more efficient use of the available frequency spectrum, and accommodate additional air traffic control sectors and new runways to support continued industry growth. The existing air/ground communications system had been used for air traffic control for more than 50 years. (See July 15, 2002; March 18, 2004.) “

”March 18, 2004: FAA canceled the Next Generation Air/Ground Communications (NEXCOM) rapid prototype development contracts with ITT Industries and Harris Corp. FAA previously canceled a full-scale NEXCOM development contract that had not yet been awarded. FAA said it canceled the contracts because there was disagreement on global standards. FAA and EUROCONTROL agreed in 2003 to study what the next- generation air traffic control voice communication system should be. (See February 5, 2003.) “

You see ? History really does repeat itself.

Don Brown
February 5, 2009

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