Sunday, February 08, 2009

FAA History -- February 8 (‘09)

From the Update to FAA Historical Chronology: Civil Aviation and the Federal Government, 1926-1996...

”February 8, 2004: FAA's new ATO officially began operations. The fundamental realignment gave the ATO responsibility for providing air traffic services, research and acquisition, as well as for the free flight organizations. The change came after a decades- long attempt by previous administrations, Congress, and FAA to improve the delivery of air traffic services by adopting business-like practices. (See November 18, 2004.)“

Let’s be honest. Besides the imposition of new work rules on controllers -- something that has cost the FAA thousands of years worth of controller experience -- what has changed in your interaction with the FAA in the last five years ? How have you, the supposed customer, been treated ? Any better ?

The FAA’s history is littered with these types of administrative changes. Some might have even been necessary. The fundamental fact remains that the public’s interaction with the FAA hasn’t really changed for the better. The contracting out of FSS has been a disaster and Free Flight remains a folly. The FAA is a cliché -- the Titanic upon which management continually rearranges the deck chairs.

The FAA has become a joke. A bad one. And until you see heads rolling in the aisles at 800 Independence Avenue, nothing will change.

Don Brown
February 8, 2009

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