Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A “Short” Film

The controllers Down Under, I think, have a good idea. They’re making the people responsible for understaffing their air traffic control system famous. Take a look and see if this doesn’t give you some ideas.

Mission Impossible ?

Australia (according to the film) only has 792 controllers. America has around 14,000. I would expect to see -- oh, I don’t know -- about 17 times as much material put out by American controllers. More importantly, I see the Australians trying to hold their management accountable.

If the future managers in the FAA see this current lot slink off into the sunset -- grasping their Federal pensions as they waltz through the revolving door to private industry -- nothing will change.

The world is watching NATCA. Lessons are being learned. You are being studied. The Obama Administration won’t be in power forever. The ones that will take their place are watching you -- right now -- to see what price the current Administration is going to pay for abusing your members. I recommend you make it costly enough that no one ever tries it again.

Don Brown
January 13, 2008

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