Monday, January 05, 2009

More Coverage on Peter’s Story

I’m very pleased to see that Peter’s story is getting even more coverage.

OhMyGov! Salutes: Air traffic controller Peter Nesbitt

The FAA Follies covered it too.

The Good Guys Win One

"Got all that? Peter used to work in Austin. He transfers to Memphis. He sees a procedure there that doesn’t seem safe. He brings it up to the FAA and they ignore him. He brings it up to Congress, the NTSB, and NASA’s safety reporting program, and the FAA punishes him and treats him like crap. (They even tried to take away his dog. I am not making this up.)"

That’s right. They tried to get the Humane Society to take his dog. It backfired on them. You can read the story by following the link above to The FAA Follies or click here to go directly to the story. I believe the Humane Society has a hero or two of their own.

I hope you’re asking yourself a question, “Who did the FAA discipline for this fiasco ?” As far as I can tell, nobody.

Don Brown
January 5, 2008

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