Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fareed Fan

If I wasn’t already a fan of Fareed Zakaria’s before I read his book -- The Post-American World -- I would be one now. He covers all the bases for making a great book. It’s interesting, enlightening and a joy to read.

I’m sure millions of words have been spilled, without effect, trying to describe the magic behind what makes a book great. There’s no sense in it. It is either is or it isn’t. And it’s just an opinion anyway. In my opinion, The Post-American World is a great book.

Mr. Zakaria’s ability to critically analyze the day’s events is what draws me in. He has a first-rate mind sharpened by a first-rate education but still retains a positive disposition and a sense of humor. The depth of knowledge he possesses is almost as impressive as his ability to shift through it and detail why it is relevant to today’s events. And to do it in simple terms.

The factoids, the analysis and the lectures. I loved it all.

In spite of the fact that the wing nuts on the Right tried to make the book seem anti-American, it is actually very uplifting. Mr. Zakaria has the ability to step outside of America and look back in, with a clarity that most Americans lack. He uses this ability to point the way towards a brighter future for America. This is a book you need to read.

By the way, if you clicked on that previous link, you’ll see a better endorsement than mine. I don’t leave the dust jacket on my books when I’m reading them. How about you ?

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