Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sleepy Head

I’m off to a late start today. Russ and Paul -- of The 25 Zulu Show kept me up past my bed time. In case you missed the radio show last night, you can download it from the archives at Gold Seal Live. Last night’s program isn’t up yet but I’m sure that it will be soon.

I think a good time was had by all. I certainly had one. The only time I found myself at a loss for words was when I found out my daughter was in the chat room. She’s up at Berry College, studying art, and it just wouldn’t compute that she was listening -- much less in the chat room. Oh well, she knows she’s daddy’s little girl anyway.

Coming back through Atlanta was probably the fastest trip I’ve made since I sold the Prelude 20 years ago, so I really didn’t get home that late. It was probably all the brush hauling I did yesterday that kept me in bed. Maybe I’m just getting old.

A quick check of the news hasn’t revealed anything that really interests me. The FAA wants to spend a boatload of money to put a “satellite-based”, “electronic mapping device” in airplanes so they don’t get lost on runways. I’m thinking it’s a lot of money (and a lot of words) for GPS but I finally figured out they aren’t talking about anything new -- they’re still talking about ADS-B. I still wonder why everyone doesn’t have GPS to use for navigating around the surface of large airports.

Delta and Northwest are still on course to merge. The FAA settled a case involving a mid air collision between two helicopters for $4.5 million. Bobby Sturgell is still the “acting” Administrator and the controllers still don’t have a contract.

In other words, aviation is holding its breath -- waiting to see if the financial world is going to collapse and wondering if we will survive the Bush Administration -- just like the rest of the world.

Don Brown
September 25, 2008

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