Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Scorecard

For those that need a scorecard so they can tell who the players are and follow last night’s you go.

Tom Delay -- (aka “The Hammer”) is a former Congressman from Texas. He is, of course, a Republican. He was the House Majority Leader from 2003-2005. A former pest exterminator, he managed to attach his name to more scandals than I have time to talk about. The “K Street Project”, the Terri Schiavo fiasco, the Jack Abramoff Scandal and he is currently under indictment in Texas for money laundering and conspiracy to engage in money laundering. There is simply, just too much dirt to read. I’d love to know what this quote in Wikipedia is talking about...

In 1985, DeLay became a born-again Christian, and later gave up hard liquor. He has stated that he "was no longer committing adultery by [the time of] the impeachment trial" in 1998. “

...but I need to move on.

John Mica -- the House Representative of Florida’s 7th District. Mica is the former Chairman of the Subcommittee on Aviation which, of course, is where he came to my attention. He too is a Republican. You can stay right here at Get the Flick, type in Mica in the search box on the upper-left of the page and find out plenty about the Congressman, including his involvement in the FTI program and this quote about air traffic controllers:

"There's a lot of contract politics being played here," Mica said. "I know they're not happy, but we're going work with them. I don't have the option President Reagan had to fire all of them."

Lockheed Martin -- I assume you recognize the world’s largest defense contractor. You can read Wikipedia’s entry about the company or you can again search Get the Flick to read more about them. My main interest is that Lockheed won the contract for the FAA’s Flight Service Stations. In that they are so large, Lockheed is involved in numerous areas of aviation that are of interest -- including the ERAM program.

Assuming you are visiting the root page of Get the Flick, keep scrolling down to read the entry I put in just after midnight.

Don Brown
September 3, 2008

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