Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Penguin Flies Into a Tower...

Since before Wednesday’s history lesson on Hurricane Hugo, I’ve been trying to get to this. The financial world’s crisis and politics keep getting in the way. There’s a new kid on the ATC blog block and I’ve decided to add him to my list of blogs.

I’ve had my eye on him for a while, waiting for him to conclude his ATC training. Unfortunately, in today’s FAA, those types of things have to be taken seriously. If he’s smart (and I think he’s very smart) he’ll leave the FAA bashing to us and stick to what he’s been doing so well.

As to what he’ s been doing -- he’s been blogging about ATC from the beginning of his career. From my days of writing for AVweb, I know how much pilots love the nitty-gritty details of air traffic control. You guys are going to love this blog. The best thing of all, this guy understands computer graphics. You’re going to notice a lot of visual similarities between our blogs. That would be me copying him. As they say, it is the sincerest form of flattery.

Without further ado, go check out The Flying Penguin. You’ll see why I wanted to mention him while I was talking about hurricanes and you can see what I mean about his talents with computer graphics. I suggest that you start at the very beginning and watch as this young controller grows.

That is the only caveat I’ll mention about The Flying Penguin. Pilots need to keep in mind that he is a young controller that he is still learning. He’ll make some mistakes. We all do. But that is part of what I think makes this site such a unique opportunity for pilots. You can start your “training” about ATC from the start and build on it piece by piece. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

A long time ago, a guy named Mike Busch gave me an opportunity to write for AVweb. It was the greatest learning experience of my career. The opportunity for The Flying Penguin -- and you -- is so much greater. I think he’s got something special. Give him a try and see what you think.

Don Brown
September 20, 2008

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