Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Different Verse, Same Song

Or I could entitle this, “Does This Sound Familiar ?” The point remains the same. The Bush Administration has done everything it can to hamstring and silence unions -- to the taxpayers detriment.

Head over to The Washington Post to read the story.

At EPA, Unions Break From Management

”The agency's scientific-integrity principles, jointly developed by unions and managers during the Clinton administration, call for employees to ensure that their scientific work is of the highest integrity, and to represent it fairly, acknowledge the intellectual contributions of others and avoid financial conflicts. “

”Created during the Clinton administration, the EPA's Labor-Management Partnership Council, like its counterparts in other agencies, is intended to head off internal disputes and delays by discussing issues such as changes in work schedules and the introduction of new technology before final decisions are made. Bush dissolved the agency councils by executive order in 2001, but EPA officials maintained a working relationship with the unions. “

”The letter announcing the unions' withdrawal cites a lack of union input on the design of a performance appraisal system and a failure to engage unions before implementing changes in work rules.“

Don Brown
March 11, 2008

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