Thursday, January 31, 2008

So, It Isn’t Just Me

My hat is off to Stanley Holmes and Business Week for an excellent article on a different side of airline safety.

Airline Safety: A Whistleblower's Tale

”There's little doubt that Lund rubs some people the wrong way. He knows the agency's thick rule book almost by heart, and he interprets it strictly....

He makes no apologies for his sometimes abrasive personality. "I'm here to keep the public safe," says Lund,...”

I don’t know Mr. Lund but I think I would like him. And I bet he could care less. It isn’t about being liked or even being pleasant. It’s about doing your job. If you’re not willing to risk your job in order to ensure the public’s safety -- you don’t need to have a job ensuring the public’s safety.

Thank you Mr. Lund, for doing your job.

As for the FAA managers that tried to fire him...I spent my career working around people like you. You are a disgrace to public service. If you don’t have the courage to stand up to your bosses then at least stay out of the way of those that do. Either get out of the way or (better yet) just get out. Go work for private industry. There is always another Enron out there willing to employ those lacking in moral courage.

Don Brown
January 31, 2008

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