Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Paperless ATC and Paperless Voting

The New York Times had an editorial recently arguing against paperless ballots. I agree with it. Read it. Or you can read a story about the issue in The New York Times Magazine.

To do something about it, go sign the petition at MoveOn.org

Unlike most of the places I send you to, MoveOn.org will send you a bunch of e-mails if you sign up. But that ain’t all bad...they’re the ones that reminded me about the issue and provided an easy avenue to do something about it.

And for my controller friends...

Most of you know I don’t like URET and I think it has serious flaws. But tell me, did you think about this issue ? Like a vote, your actions can “disappear” or even change in a computer playback. Get involved in a deal, where it gets down to “he said versus she (or he) said”, what have you got to back you up ? You used to have a piece of paper -- with your handwriting on it -- to back you up.

I don’t harp on it -- I think compared to the human factors (i.e. safety) issues it is a very minor issue. However, I know some of my controller friends aren’t...how shall we say...as obsessive about safety as I am. But they are about legalities.

It reminds me of one of my most unfavorite, common remarks regarding flight progress strips : They’re legal documents...

Don Brown
January 8, 2007

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