Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crazy as a ‘Roo

I have no idea if that means anything (Crazy as a ‘Roo) but I don’t think it really matters. I’ve just finished another book by Bill Bryson and I’m delighted to tell you that this one doesn’t make any more sense than the other ones I’ve read. I’m not quite sure why I enjoy reading this crazy man so much but I do. And I am not alone.

Mr. Bryson is a confused individual that grew up in Iowa (not that there’s anything wrong with that), moved to England in his twenties, stayed there some 20 odd years (and I do mean odd) and then moved back to the United States. So, of course, the book I’ve just finished is about Australia.

In a Sunburned Country (yes, yes, he explains it’s suppposed to be “sunburnt”) is just another romp through life with Mr. Bryson. It’s just that this time, it’s in the land Down Under. There really is no explanation for the man so I am at a loss as to how to explain the book. Seriously, how do explain a book that starts off with losing the Prime Minister (as in they lost one -- vanished), explains the story of Nothomyrmecia macrops (a “long-lost proto-ant”), then talks about getting drunk in a place called Daly Waters and then winds up in a museum looking at a picture of a naked man perched on a telephone pole repairing the line -- wearing boots. And it has something-or-other to do with NASA. Try explaining that.

Bill Bryson helps slake my unquenchable thirst for more input and he makes me laugh at the same time. In my readings, it is a unique experience and one that I think you will enjoy.

Don Brown
August 11 ,2007

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