Thursday, August 30, 2007

A CEO with The Flick

Kevin Garrison writes an monthly column for AVweb that is entitled: CEO of the Cockpit. The thing you must always keep in mind is that the CEO of the Cockpit is a fictional character. Kevin is (was) a real-life airline pilot. The CEO of the Cockpit is not.

Kevin (or the CEO) has a...uh...crusty sense of humor. I like it. He also has The Flick.

”My co-pilot, Sally, was reading a statement from the CEO of the very airline who owned the jet base we were creeping past. According to the article Sally was reading -- in clear defiance of both the sterile cockpit rules and company policy -- Delta was now blaming their financial woes on general aviation. Apparently, according to the CEO at Widget Wonderland, it is those pesky, small airplanes that are making all of the airliners schedule their push-backs within minutes of each other and then line up like Russians at a cheese sale to wait almost an hour for takeoff.”

It’s a good article. You might want to read it. Don’t be surprised to find that airline pilots (even fictional ones) are telling you the same thing that controllers are telling you. And you might want to ask yourself why a fictional CEO is writing the truth while the real CEOs are writing fiction.

CEO of the Cockpit #73: Those Devilish Little Airplanes

Don Brown
August 30, 2007

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