Well, the big day has finally arrived. I am officially retired from the United States government, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration. Actually, it was a few days ago, on December 1st. I’ve just been waiting for my latest article on Avweb to be published. I didn’t want to steal my own thunder (as it were.)

Being involved with any organization -- be it the Federal Government, NATCA or Avweb -- has some type of influence on what you say (or write.) Perhaps that is the interest in blogs -- seeing what people think without the filters. Regardless, I’ve been looking forward to the day when I could write without the filters.

And now that that day is here, what do I write about ? There is so much from which to choose. Civil Service. The Iraq War. Politics. Air Traffic Control. Some great books I’ve read lately (the best thing about retirement so far...time to read.) Politics. And the list goes on.

But where to start ? I know. I’ll start with...

Thank You.

Assuming you’re an American citizen and pay taxes, I owe you one big “thank you.” You’ve provided me with what is quickly becoming a luxury -- a good career. I sincerely appreciate it. I’ll have a lot more to say about it in the future but for now let me just say thank you. It has been an honor.

Don Brown
Dec. 7, 2006


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