Saturday, December 23, 2006

Getting the Flick Yet ?

Are you starting to see a pattern ? I have to tell you, it is frightfully easy to find one. Every time I get on the computer and start reading I stumble on another article or editorial that lists the same symptoms.

I stumbled on this one yesterday from a New York Times editorial. Flynt Leverett (a co-author of the article) worked at the National Security Council. His writings are evidently subject to some sort of government review. Suddenly, the rules of the game seem to have changed and an article -- based on publicly available information -- is censored.

What We Wanted to Tell You About Iran

”What’s more, we have spent a collective 20 years serving our country as career civil servants in national security, for both Republican and Democratic administrations. We know firsthand the importance of protecting sensitive information. But we also know the importance of shared knowledge. In the entrance to the C.I.A.’s headquarters the words of the Gospel of John are inscribed, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.””

It’s an extraordinary situation. A “secret keeper” trying to educate the public and the New York Times reduced to quoting its competitors in order to report the news. Take a few minutes to read it.

Don Brown
December 23, 2006

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