The Power of Caro

The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York” by Robert A. Caro

It’s probably presumptuous for somebody that butchers the English language as I do to call a book a masterpiece...but this is a masterpiece. Check the reviews. Everybody says so.

Robert Moses built modern day New York. The parkways, freeways, the bridges and many of the buildings. Robert Caro details how he did it. The key word is “details.” Mr. Caro has a way of explaining the details that keeps them interesting and -- like a jigsaw puzzle -- shows you how they build a picture. Robert Caro most definitely has the flick.

Mr. Caro is able to walk the reader through the steps of building a bridge or an interstate. He shows how Robert Moses overcame every obstacle and bent every individual or group with the force his will. Bankers, politicians, unions and even Presidents. No person or group was so powerful that he couldn’t go through, around, under or over their heads. And each success only added to his power.

In short, a brilliant writer details the life of a brilliant builder.


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