Well...I can’t talk politics yet. Don’t want to talk about ATC. At least not the way I’m limited to talking about ATC. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain later.) I guess I’ll just have to talk about books.

I love books. It seems like I always have. I remember a time when I’d never leave the nonfiction section of the library. And then, in one of those little twists that life throws you, I found the world of fiction.

Believe it or not, I found this life-changing event in a throwaway class in public high school. Despite the fact that I love books, I’ve had a life long aversion to any school subject including the words “English” or “Literature.” So, I took the English classes that inflicted the least amount of torture on my brain. In this case, a class on best sellers.

The class was simple. Read a book -- any book from any bestsellers list -- and write a book report on it. One book a week. The first book I read was “Jaws” by Peter Benchley. (I bet you can’t read that without the theme song running through your head.) I was hooked. (pardon the pun) And then I found Michener (James A.) Who knew you could tell so much truth and impart such knowledge while writing fiction ?

I certainly didn’t. By the end of the class I was reading 2, 3 and sometimes 4 books a week. Anything and everything. Good books, bad books, trashy books -- any kind of books. I remember giving two grocery sacks full of paperbacks to a friend that was having knee surgery. (I also remember never getting them back.)

Which brings me to the point of this little posting: I love sharing books. Despite the fact that I’m trying to build my own personal library, I just can’t help talking about (and then loaning out) a good book. Be glad you don’t have to sit next to me at the dinner table after I’ve finished reading a particularly good book. But if you ever do, please bring my book back.

Without further ado, the best books I’ve read lately.


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