Sunday, April 13, 2014

Welcome, Rodeo Fans

Welcome to my blog, rodeo fans. For those that are just looking for rodeo pictures (which, I presume, is about 99% of you), click on the picture below and/or on the link to the right that says "Click Here to get to my Flickr photo page". It's okay. You can do it now. If you get to the Flickr site and get confused, you can come right back here for further instructions below the picture. Seriously, off you go. You can trust me. I used to be an air traffic controller. I'm used to telling people where to go.

Welcome, Rodeo Fans

Now, once you get to Flickr, you'll see this same picture. If you want to see another picture, just click on the picture (at the Flickr site) again. The easier way to find stuff is to go to my home page on Flickr. You can click on that link or you can click on the little icon picture of me (in my hat) at the top right of the Flickr page. On my Flickr home page you should see a bunch of thumbnail pictures and you can browse from there.

And for those of you that are looking for that one picture...

Once you get to Flickr, you have to look at the text on the right side and find the "DSC" number. For instance, click on the picture on this page (of the rodeo announcer) and it will take you to the same picture on Flickr. You'll read that this is Mr. Jerry Todd and at the bottom of all the text you'll see "(DSC_7752) ©Don Brown 2014". So the DSC number for this picture is DSC_7752. Every picture I have on Flickr has a number like that. If you want that one picture..., I need that number.

You can email me at

Other than all that. Enjoy the pictures. I'll work on figuring out a better system. I didn't really plan on becoming a rodeo photographer. I was just out having fun.

Don Brown
April 13, 2014

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