Saturday, June 08, 2013

For the Kids

For the kids out there, Bill Moyers worked for LBJ as the White House Press Secretary. In case you haven't been following Get the Flick for almost 7 years, you might not know of my fascination with Lyndon Baines Johnson via the Robert Caro books I've reviewed here.

I mention this for context. Bill Moyers is a serious man. President Johnson -- the first Southerner elected to President since the Civil War -- brought poverty down to the lowest level ever in America. Bill Moyers has seen firsthand how to reduce poverty. He has peeked behind the curtain and seen power at work. He is worthy of your attention.

If you grew up watching people worship at the altar of Saint Reagan, you might not know that -- once upon a time -- America had a middle class that believed our government could do good: It could educate its citizens, end poverty and explore the solar system. It controlled capitalism and promoted democracy instead of the other way around.

Set aside some time. Watch this video.

Don Brown
June 8, 2013

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