Saturday, March 16, 2013

Krugman Makes Me Cringe

You may think Krugman is being a little harsh. I think he's being a little right. I know firsthand he is making people uncomfortable because he's making me uncomfortable. You see, I failed.

Ten Years Later

"And there’s a very big anniversary coming up next week — the start of the Iraq war. So why does there seem to be so little coverage?"

I remember a toast with an English friend that Prime Minister Tony Blair has stuck with us when many had not. The English probably won't like being reminded of that choice any better than us. And yet, it is important that we remember when we were wrong and guard against it happening again.

The Iraq War was a war of choice. It was a colossal error on our part. The incompetent conduct of the war only compounded the original error. It's human nature to want to forget this sorry episode of our history. We do so at our -- and the world's -- peril.

Don Brown
March 16, 2013

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