Friday, April 27, 2012

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Keep in mind that this is Government Executive that we're talking about .

Romney rips 'unfairness' of federal pay, benefits

""We will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve," Romney said."

Now, go read the comment section. The post currently in the #1 slot is from "FedUpWithTheGOP".

In other news, I assume you're following the Murdoch scandal. I think it may have reached the tipping point.

Rupert Murdoch may be a monster but David Cameron and co are far worse
"Blaming Murdoch for attempting to influence policy in his commercial favour is like disagreeing with gravity. He should be expected to behave like a rapacious corporate monster because that is what he is. Where people have a right to expect far more, however, is from those notionally elected to look after their interests".
But wait! There's more!
"(Incidentally, if Cameron still is nursing even the vaguest glow after his aggrandising visit to Washington, he may care to watch the clip of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart voicing incredulity that not only did the PM humbly call on Murdoch, but that the only way on to the old boy's yacht was a freebie trip in his son-in-law's plane. "In the States we're not even allowed to give congresspeople T-shirts and hats," Stewart marvelled, "and our country's corrupt as shit!")"
There's a few things on there I'll have to see if Google has an English to American translator. But speaking of Google, I can't thank them enough for making me change all my work habits. Labels, quotes, comments -- everything is different. Soldiering on...

Do you think that an investigative reporter could find a dozen controllers with hookers in a strange town? Just in case it didn't hit you, if the Secret Service can look bad in the press, so can controllers. "Hard partying" sounds vaguely familiar to me. Mind your Ps & Qs boys and girls.

Don Brown
April 27, 2011

P.S. If anybody knows where the spell checker is on this thing, leave me a comment. Ditto on how to start a paragraph in the HTML editor. Geez.

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Air Traffic Mike said...

Imagine what those "underworked and overpaid" Secret Service agents protecting Romney are thinking when Romney is throwing THAT "mud" around......