Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Beautiful Moment

This Beautiful Moment by Get The Flick
This Beautiful Moment, a photo by Get The Flick on Flickr.

This is it. This makes the day for me. It is never the same. It is always changing. This moment -- this beautiful moment -- will never happen again. And as beautiful as it is...tomorrow holds the promise of being even better.


Frank Van Haste said...

Don, as a non-photographer I'm curious. Do you set up the shot and then wait, clicking the shutter at that one ineffably perfect moment? Or do you start clicking when it begins to look good and keep recording frames every few seconds until you need sunglasses...then find the good one?


Don Brown said...

I always wondered why no one asked that question, Frank. Thanks. :)

For me, it's different every time and depends on the circumstances. The "best part" of the sky never seems to happen in the same place so you always have to work that into a composition -- even if it's just the blackness of the shoreline.

The wild card is always the clouds. In the sunrise/sunset shots the colors become the main composition and you have to chase those to whatever portion of the sky they are in -- left, right, up or down. Sometimes it's so high that I can't use the horizon in the picture. Of course, having a lake and being able to use the reflection is neat. But when the wind blows away the mirror effect you now have another variable.

Believe it or not, I really don't think about it as it's happening. I just go with "that looks good" and keep clicking. I try to take about 5 different exposures of each composition and then come up with a different composition. I shot about 110 shots this morning (a "slow" morning) to come up with the one you get to see.

Thanks again for asking,

Don Brown