Friday, January 06, 2012

Circumstances Beyond Our Control

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Life has once again intervened. I’m sure things will return to what passes for normal soon.

In the meantime, there’s always Krugman. I am particularly fond of this one:

Nobody Understands Debt

”Perhaps most obviously, the economic “experts” on whom much of Congress relies have been repeatedly, utterly wrong about the short-run effects of budget deficits. People who get their economic analysis from the likes of the Heritage Foundation have been waiting ever since President Obama took office for budget deficits to send interest rates soaring. Any day now!

And while they’ve been waiting, those rates have dropped to historical lows.”

But the blogger that read my mind this week was The Angry Bureaucrat.

Banned 14-yr Old SNL Cartoon About Media Ownership Is Even Truer Today

”Watch the video - it's no wonder that GE cut the cartoon from all subsequent airings of that SNL episode and has never broadcast it since the first showing. I'm amazed it made it on the air the first time.

And since the cartoon originally aired, concentration of media ownership in the US has only gotten more extreme:”

Jump on over there and read it. I’ve got to run. Life is calling.

Don Brown
January 6, 2011

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