Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amend 2012

Since I retired and started delving into how to make things better in our country, I’ve come across this one issue over and over again in numerous places -- corporate “personhood”. Due to a fluke in a previous Supreme Court case, corporations have been slowly winning more rights as “persons”.

With the recent ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission I believe we have gone too far. To put it in a sound bite, I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one. By the way, in case you haven’t thought of it, a State can “execute” a corporation. The State can revoke a corporation’s charter. Not that any State today would. But it could. No, that’s not the kind of thoughts the Republicans want you to have when they say “State’s rights”.

Anyway, if Robert Reich says it’s time to deal with this issue, then it’s time to deal with the issue. And he says so.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to upend a hundred years of corporate law. But I believe it is time -- past time actually -- to rein in corporate power.

Don Brown
January 24, 2012

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