Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today’s Photo 12-15-11

Most people don’t realize what a rare event this picture represents. Most of the time the sky is too bright to get any detail in the shoreline. In other words, the whole shoreline turns black. It’s either that or - to capture detail in the shoreline -- the sky gets washed out and appears completely white in a photograph.

There’s a new process digital photography has made possible (called HDR) to handle situations like this, but I rarely do any kind of post processing on my images. In truth, I don’t know how do to much post-processing. I don’t even own a copy of Photoshop. Anyway, this is what it looked like, straight out of the camera.

© Don Brown 2011 (Click on the picture to enlarge)

I don’t mean to criticize photo manipulation. I believe it’s an art form in itself. I just prefer taking pictures outside in the fresh air as to editing them indoors.

Don Brown
December 15, 2011

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