Friday, December 23, 2011

Making Government Look Bad

I’m just trying to catch up on some reading. From James Fallows. (The man must be able to blog in his sleep and/or write in the shower.)

The Nullification Chronicles Roll On

”- Similarly, the National Labor Relations Board will shortly be de facto "nullified," since Senate Republicans can block the appointment of members to vacant seats and therefore deny it a legal quorum to operate.

- Greg Sargent of the Washington Post explains again why obstructionism creates public hostility to both Democrats and Republicans, but eventually makes sense as a pure-political strategy for the GOP since a failure to govern inevitably weakens the incumbent president most of all. ”

Here’s the link to the mentioned Greg Sargent piece for the time challenged.

All this is nothing new but I’ll echo the sentiment that it’s nice to see others are catching on. Once you realize that Republicans don’t want the government to work -- the rich don’t want to pay taxes, corporations don’t want to be regulated -- it becomes a lot easier to understand their actions.

I’m stealing his idea (clink on his link) on the picture too. Senator John C. Calhoun from the Great State of South Carolina.

Don Brown
December 23, 2011

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