Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Open the Express Lanes!

Uh oh. There’s bad weather brewing for the day-before-Thanksgiving travel.

Severe Storms May Disrupt New York Holiday Travel Into Tomorrow

”Heavy rains and strong winds are expected to sweep across New York City late today and tomorrow, which may hinder air traffic in one of the busiest travel periods of the year, according to the National Weather Service.”

Quick! Somebody tell President Obama about those holiday express lanes that President Bush invented.

Just in case you forgot. (I also took the time to find it in James Fallows’ archives.)

Pack plenty of food and water. I’m sure the airlines have their checkbooks ready. (Check out the stock photo used in the article. TW who? A Saab 340?)

Airline fined $900,000 for keeping anxious passengers waiting on tarmac more than 3 hours with no food or water

You might want to save the water bottles for later use. You know...for when it comes time to get rid of all that water you drank.

Don Brown
November 22, 2011

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