Saturday, November 19, 2011

ERAM Discussion Video

While I was messing with the NATCA video, I happened to notice the video of the ERAM panel discussion in Las Vegas, back in March 0f 2011. Some folks might want to watch it.

For the non-controllers, it’s dry as dust. It’s full of acronyms I don’t understand. There’s nothing exciting to see. But as reference material, as historical documentation, as enlightenment -- I think it is valuable.

I do have to mention one thing (okay two things) to note. First, notice that the guy that dominates the discussion -- the one that really seems to know what he is talking about -- has a handwritten name plate. Typical irony. (Yes, he’s NATCA.) Second, the white-haired guy in the background when Sean (from Memphis) asks his question is me.

Communicating for Safety will be in Atlanta this year. I will be there. You can be too.

Hey! I just had another thought. My friend Spike (aka Stephen Ramsden, aka “The Sun Guy”) is one of the people that makes these videos possible. Somewhere in the mountain of titles he has earned is the one that says member of the NATCA Communications Committee. I bet Spike will be at CFS too.

I like to point out the awesome talent that the FAA overlooks (if not outright rejects) whenever I can.

Don Brown
November 19, 2011

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REHIRE said...

This may seem tongue in cheek......
The FAA struggled with narrow band implementation for ten [1971-1981],controllers refused to do work arounds and did not trust the system. the system bounced between narrow band radar and broad band radar the entire ten years, frustrating the FAA to the point of no return. There response was to goad controllers into striking for better equipment and a say as to how equipment should work, among other things of course. A funny thing happened after controllers walked off the job. The replacements never had aproblem using the work arounds and five or six years after the strike the majority of the problems were either ignored or just not used....I would say the FAA should learn from it's own past and goad controllers into another strike and have the replacemnets use the ERAM system as it is today and they can say that they are on time and on budget with the program, problem solved using history.....