Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shot Who ? With What ?

I think I’ve mentioned I love Wikipedia. My wife wonders how I find these random stories. Well, it was right on the Wikipedia main page, under the “Did you know...” section. . (It probably won’t be by the time you read this.) Keep in mind, this is from a WWII naval battle.

”At a key moment in the fight, as Borie's port side crewmen were running out of 20 mm and small arms ammunition, two Germans broke from their protected position behind the bridge and approached the quad mount gun. A thrown sheath knife pierced a German crewman's abdomen and he fell overboard. Unable to bring his gun to bear, one of the 4 inch gun captains threw an empty 4 inch shell casing at the other German sailor, and successfully knocked him overboard as well. “

There’s more. A lot more. I didn’t even mention the Very pistol. Have a read.

The Final Battle of the USS Borie

Don Brown
November 29, 2009


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