Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Love the Internet

Again, I was watching Rachel Maddow. She’s all hot and bothered about the treatment of Acorn -- the group that advocates for poor people. I take note of the guy defending Acorn in the piece -- Professor Peter Dreier. Professor Dreier has an opinion piece at The Huffington Post. In the piece, Professor Dreier gives three examples of media outlets trying to tie President Obama to Acorn. One of those opinion pieces was written by John Fund at The Wall Street Journal.

Obama's Liberal Shock Troops

”Shock Troops”. Lions, Tigers and Bears ! Oh My ! Read it if you must. I went one step further. I looked up John Fund. on Wikipedia.

”John Fund (born on April 8, 1957 in Tucson, Arizona) is an American political journalist and columnist for the website of the Wall Street Journal. He also writes for the Journal's Political Diary newsletter and is a senior editor and columnist for The American Spectator. “

Jump to The American Spectator.

”...the magazine is best known for its attacks in the 1990s on Bill Clinton and its "Arkansas Project" to discredit the president, funded by billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife and the Bradley Foundation.”

I’m thinking of creating a new blog called “Less than six degrees of separation -- How Richard Mellon Scaife funded the Right". Of course, that would be a disservice to The Bradley Foundation, Coors, Olin, et al. And it’d be too easy.

Jump back to John Fund.

”Fund also collaborated with Rush Limbaugh on “The Way Things Ought to Be”. “

I assume you’re familiar with Rush Limbaugh but I’ll link it anyway.

If you’re like me -- retired with plenty of time on your hands -- you get to read things like this:

(Congressman) King claimed that history showed McCarthy to be "a hero for America".

”60 Minutes has called him (Richard Berman) "the booze and food industries' weapon of mass destruction," and his nickname (from both friends and enemies) is "Dr. Evil", an alias in which he takes pride.“

By the way, if you’re a union member, you need to remember the name Richard Berman because he is trying to do to unions what he did to Acorn.

If you’re wondering how Congressman King and Richard Berman fit into all this, you have to watch the segment from The Rachel Maddow Show.

Don Brown
September 26, 2009


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