Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, It Is Revolting

I was all set to get up this morning and write an editorial on the upcoming “Tea Parties”. It turns out I don’t need to. Paul Krugman has saved me the trouble. The political-dead body of the last Bush Administration isn’t even cold yet and already the Republican Party is back to its same old message (a tax cut cures everything) trotted out by the same old billionaires (Scaife, Olin , Koch, et al ). I can’t imagine how it all isn’t just this obvious to so many of my fellow Southerners;

“We trashed the world economy (and your 401K) while running up the national debt by giving billionaires bigger tax cuts than secretaries. Greed is NOT a sin. It is GOOD ! Give it another shot and let us show you. We CAN bail out the banks with $700 billion and NOT pay taxes. We CAN fight two wars and NOT raise taxes. Trust us.”

P.T. Barum would be proud.

Oh well. It’s a good thing I don’t have to write it. I’ve got to run a friend to the airport. He’s flying from the world’s busiest airport to the world’s second-busiest airport (ATL to ORD). In this:

Would anyone like to bet that if we bothered calling the airline before we left home (2 hours early) that we would be told that everything was running “on time” ? Gee...I wonder what the FAA’s web page says ?

Come on folks. Get the Flick.

Don Brown
April 13, 2009

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