Thursday, May 07, 2009

Uber Bowling Green

Pay attention to this one. What I know about it already makes it special but my instincts tell me that there is something else that is -- as of yet -- unknown.

Novice air controller blamed for close call in Ky.

”A "significant error" by an air traffic controller in Memphis put two airliners too close together over Kentucky last week, leading both to take evasive maneuvers and one pilot to file a near mid-air collision report, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The American Airlines jet and smaller Pinnacle Airlines commuter plane were both around 32,000 feet when they got within a mile of each other above Bowling Green, Ky., causing emergency warning systems in both planes to activate. “

You need to read the whole story so that you can note the details.

”The incident occurred April 29 as American Flight 395 from Boston to Dallas, with 122 passengers, was in a holding pattern over Kentucky and Pinnacle Flight 2594, with 43 passengers, was headed to Birmingham, Ala., from Detroit. “

If that is correct (I have my doubts), then you have to ask yourself why a aircraft inbound to Dallas is in a holding pattern over Kentucky. Odd.

This, however, sounds all too familiar.

”He told both planes to turn and directed the Pinnacle flight to descend, but the American flight descended, too, on a computerized voice command from the plane's collision avoidance system. The controller then directed the Pinnacle pilot to descend faster and told the American flight to get back up to 32,000 feet, Carpenter said.“

If it doesn’t sound familiar to you, then you probably don’t know much about Uberlingen. And you should.

Don Brown
May 7, 2009

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