Freaky Weather

It was 53 degrees this morning when I got up at O’dark thirty. That, in of itself, is strange for Georgia. But there is more. It’s supposed to be sunny but there is a high, thick overcast. When the sun did break out (once) it started raining. The rain was such a fine mist that you couldn’t even fell it. I only noticed it when the drops were backlit by the sun. Five minutes later, it was back to being overcast. And to top it all off, the wind is gusting from 15-20 mph.

Like I said -- freaky. At least for Georgia in May. Whatever it is, I’m loving it. I’ve been out in it all morning, doing various gardening chores and I haven’t hardly broken a sweat. That is really freaky. Maybe I’ll have something to read later today. Maybe not.

Don Brown
May 18, 2009


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