Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What the” L” ?

My buddy Bob always has this strange twinkle in his eyes. It is as if all of life is here for our amusement and he understands this -- even though most of us don’t. This, too, amuses him. I think he’s amused by almost everything.

Bob, being braver than I, is about to embark on a trip around the home planet. He decided to start a blog to document the trip. It’s a personal blog -- not meant for the masses -- but I decided to share it with you anyway. It’s like a treasure hunt for humor. So pay attention if you visit. I’d been there a dozen times before I noticed the crack about the title and the Pages. See if you can figure out what the “L” is going on at:

Atlanta to Atlanta: Around the World by the Book

Don Brow
December 26, 2007

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