Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Situation “Normal”

I really hope this one makes Leno, or Letterman or Stewart.

Air traffic controller's 'bathroom break' delays three planes

I can just see the transplant team being told to standby, the only controller available had to go to the john.

”The pilot of the flight carrying lungs to New Jersey was told that there would be a 10-minute wait before the plane could takeoff and did not object, according to Peters.

It would make a great comedy skit.

Peters said that staffing Friday night in the Manchester tower was at its normal level.”

Too bad it’s real life and it’s “normal.” (I told you I have the tendency to take the “funny” out of things.)

”"This controller did what he was trained to do, he followed procedure, and waited until a time that he could leave his position and that the airborne aircraft could be handled by another facility," said Peters, who added that an air traffic manager commended the controller for his performance.”

I hope that controller will remember to take that commendation with him the next time he has to go to the john. He’ll know what to do with it.

So much for the dramatic ending. I just can’t let this go. If you read the article you read the controller had worked 60 ops. Can you imagine working 60 airplanes while you had “to go” ? What ? Working airplanes isn’t tough enough ? The FAA has to make it a little more challenging ?

And then, when you’re done, you have to get back on the frequency and work the folks that were delayed. If I wasn’t sure that these people don’t think I’d think the FAA had come up with a new way to demean their controllers. This isn’t some fly-by-night outfit we’re talking about here folks. This is our government -- The United States of America. This is the way you are treating your employees. This is the way The People’s work is being conducted in your name.

Where’d I put that contact info for my Congressman...?

Don Brown
April 11, 2007

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