Friday, February 09, 2007

Dear Congress

I know you’re busy people so I thought I’d help you out. Here’s a letter I will be e-mailing my Congressional representatives. Feel free to “copy and paste” and send it to yours.

You can find (and write) your own Congressman here.

You can find your Senators here. Choose your State from the drop box at the top right of the page.

Dear Congressman/Senator _______,

This year, Congress will take up Reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration. The President's FY 2008 Federal Aviation Administration Budget includes a proposal for “user fees.”

I am fundamentally opposed to this proposal and I ask that you oppose any attempt by the FAA to impose any type of “user fee.”

In addition, I believe Congress should direct the FAA to improve its performance within the framework of a government agency instead of its current misguided quest to act “more like a business.” We have the greatest National Airspace System in the world. It wasn’t built by a business and it wasn’t built by a government trying to act like a business. It was built by the greatest government the world has ever known. I think it’s high time we started acting like it -- again.

In this light, I want you to be aware of my absolute opposition to any idea of privatizing the United States National Airspace System. The National Airspace System belongs to the People of the United States and should remain firmly in their hands where they can ensure that it will be run in their best interests.

Don Brown
February 9, 2007

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