Sunday, July 06, 2014

Fate and Fear

I had no idea Lockerbie, Scotland was along our route through the United Kingdom. It felt like fate to find it. Not a good fate. But fate nevertheless.

When you're younger (or at least when I was younger) you don't dwell on the enormity of a disaster like Pan Am 103. You don't realize the enormity of losing a parent, much less a son or a daughter. You recognize that it's a horror. But you don't know the full weight of it.

The town of Lockerbie has done a good job of dealing with it. The Garden of Remembrance is a beautiful place, in a beautiful land. Hopefully fate will be kinder to the town in the future. The fear should stay to keep us vigilant. Hopefully a distant memory. But a memory still.

Don Brown
July 6, 2014

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