Saturday, May 03, 2014

The First Coming

What if Jesus showed up in today's world? No, not the Second-Coming-End-Time-Rapture thing that the fundamentalists go on about. I mean, what if he first appeared now? The First Coming (if you will)?

This is obviously too controversial a subject to handle on Facebook or Twitter. Sounds like something perfect for a personal blog. Because I'm not trying to be controversial. I'm not trying to insult anyone or poke anybody in the eye. Let's call it a thought experiment. I just want you to think.

What if, instead of being a carpenter from Nazareth, Jesus was an engineer from Google? And besides getting the lame to walk, what if all he did was ask you to practice being kind to each other?

No, I don't want to compare Meng to a deity. I don't want to accuse or suggest that he is trying to start a new religion. I take him at face value. And I wish him all the success in the world. But I bet the simplicity of his message will cause as much consternation as calm.

Don Brown
May 3,2014


Vannevar said...

I've read the book within the last year and found it thought-provoking and quite worth-while.

Fredrik said...

Cool talk, enjoyed it!

Good to see you're still blogging, a fellow pilot pointed me to your blog when I brought up your old Say Again column on AvWeb the other day. I loved that column, if you haven't already, perhaps you could get AvWeb to help you collect those into an E-book, with a tiny bit of editing I'm sure it'd sell quite well. I'd buy it. :)

Don Brown said...

Thanks Fredrik. Now I have to make sure my wife doesn't see your post. She's been telling me to do just that for years.

Thanks for reading,

Don Brown

Don Brown said...

Thanks Vannevar. I'd read it just to find out how Meng got a job and then turned it into this.

Thanks for reading.

Don Brown