Monday, March 24, 2014

Before The Second

Before The Second by Get The Flick
Before The Second, a photo by Get The Flick on Flickr.

Hopefully, there won't be a third.

On another thought, it's interesting going to church in a place this old. It provides a different perspective. I can't imagine how different the perspective is in Europe. And Ukraine.

Don Brown
March 24, 2014

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Iron City said...

Another St. George, the St. George chapel at Windsor UK goes back to the 15th century or so and has all the coats of arms for all the Knights of the Garter and such, impressive. More impressive is the monuments that you see in virtually every little town in England and Scotland with the lists of local men who were lost in WW I. Most of the lists exceed the current population of the towns. And many of these were in Kitchner or "Pals" battalions where if you joined together you served together, and are killed together. Anyone who sees this and doesn't cry should turn in their membership card in the human race.