Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ITYS -- Home Run

I don't know how many times I've told you "austerity doesn't work".

99% of my education in this matter is due to one man -- Paul Krugman. My efforts in these matters are miniscule. Paul Krugman's actions have been nothing short of heroic. It takes guts to face the pressures he has faced -- the attacks he has had to withstand -- day after day on a national stage.

But even Professor Krugman's herculean efforts won't have the effect the clip below will have. From Stephen Colbert. A comedian. You can link my posts all day and nothing will happen. You can shove Kruman's columns in front of your friends and their eyes will glaze over. You can show them this clip and they'll get it. They will laugh. And the info we have been trying to convey will stick.

Oh, and as a bonus, Stephen starts the routine on the air traffic controller furloughs. Start sending this to all your friends. Do it now.

I hope it will dawn on my readers that millions upon millions of people around the world have been unemployed for years because of this now-discredited economic theory. The heartbreak, the societal pain and the economic loss is staggering. Even the derision of Stephen Colbert will not change the minds of the politicians that voted in this economic policy. Paul Ryan is not going to have an epiphany and change his mind about cutting government. It was never about economic policy with most of the Republicans. It was using political power to further their ideology. The fight is not won. That will only happen at the ballot box.

If you can find the time, open your mind and open your heart: Read this piece from the Washington Post today. Don't tweet or link this one at the expense of the Colbert clip. As sad as it is, that is the one that will change minds. But this piece from the Washington Post is the reason they need changing.

"In Florida, a food-stamp recruiter deals with wrenching choices"

And when you get to read about Lonnie Briglia, I hope it will hit you that he displays more courage than most of us will ever be asked to show. He let his story be told so that we might have a chance to learn and understand. Don't waste that chance.

Don Brown
April 24, 2013

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