Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blogger Blahs (+NextGen)

I mentioned a while back that Google had changed their blog interface. It's still making me nuts and I have less time than ever to devote to battling over-ambitious programmers. Something will have to change. Soon.

But speaking of over-ambitious programmers....

FAA’s NextGen Program Reaches Critical Period

"One of the biggest critics of ERAM has been the U.S. Transportation Department’s Office of the Inspector General. The OIG for many years has chronicled the problems with ERAM and faulted the FAA’s management of the program.

Even now, the OIG does not believe ERAM is out of the woods. At a congressional hearing in September, Inspector General Calvin Scovel said hundreds of software issues have been revealed during operational trials that still need to be addressed. Scovel concedes that while the FAA is making progress in deployment, “it has not fully resolved critical software-related issues.”"

That's on page three. The more I write about it, the more links I have to put in and...return to top of this page and start over.

You see, the FAA and Google aren't that much different. It's all "new" and "improved" because it looks cool to the folks at the top and they can bleat about all they have accomplished. And in the end, I'm just typing words on a page and you're just putting airplanes on the runways. We all sift through a mountain of mud and when we're lucky enough to stumble upon a gold nugget we tell ourselves we're geniuses because we learned how to swirl water in a shinier pan.

Don Brown
January 16, 2013


Air Traffic Mike said...


Try logging in through Google Chrome. It solved all of my problems with my blog and made the process much faster.


Anonymous said...

I believe that I have commented on many forums about ERAM in the last seven years, saying 'ERAM was and is nothing but smoke and mirrors' nothing has changed since I was in the first cadre group giving training, other than that the FAA has deleted most of the 'work arounds'that the unusable software gave them. You can paint a zebra but it will still be a zebra.

Anonymous said...

The new American Airlines livery is a terrific example of moronic management decisions for the sake of something new.