Thursday, September 27, 2012

Political Map Drawing 101

It's really simple (only if you keep up with politics), if you get to draw the map, you control the vote.  Check out the map from Huffington Post and see how it's done.  (Roll your mouse across the map to see it change from "Before" to "After".)

Michigan August Primary 2012: Map Detroit's New Districts And Biggest Elections

Every ten years -- when the census comes out -- the Party in control of the State legislature gets to redraw the map.  2010 was a big year for Republicans in the States.  When you start delving into all this and you see the amount of data and the sophistication with which it is used it becomes very enlightening. While you concentrate of making a living and raising your kids, people you've never even dreamed of are redrawing maps to decide your political future.

Don Brown
September 27, 2012

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