Monday, March 19, 2012

While I Have the Chance

I don’t have a real burning issue on my mind today but I’d better take the chance to update my readers. I’m headed out on a road trip tomorrow and I don’t really know how much writing I’ll get to do. So here we go.

NATCA’s convention is in Denver next week. I’ve decided to drive out there. Slowly. Two of my favorite books from childhood were The Big Sky and Mountain Man. Both of those started with trips across the plains. I’ve never seen the Great Plains. It’s time I remedied that. Expect pictures.

The other piece of news I haven’t worked into a conversation yet is the fact that I went and got myself elected chairman of the local Democratic party. It’s sort of like being elected Safety Rep. -- nobody else wanted the job. As my longtime readers know, I live in a very Red county in a Red state. I’m not sure it will affect my blog here in any way, but I thought I ought to get it out just in case it might.

Regardless, I’ll be a little busier than I have in the past. And, of course, I’ll be delving into local politics on a much deeper level. I can’t imagine any of my readers here being interested in the details. But I’m sure that the new experience will influence what goes through my brain on a daily basis.

So, it’s time to pack. I’ll write when I can. At a minimum, there will be pictures. I hope to see some of you in Denver.

Don Brown
March 19, 2012


Michele said...

If you go through on I-70, wave when you go through northeast Kansas. Have a safe trip!

XxXxX said...

Thanks for the update, your blog is one of top bookmarked sites and always look forward to reading your thoughts or seeing your pictures.